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Clinical analysis grouping demonstrates the extraordinary dept and strength of Futrix Health's analytic power. It gives you the ability to drill down to claim level information, that authorized users can select from an infinite number of variables to create clinical groups, and analyze populations of covered lives.  By using this, our clients realize: decreased redundancy, improved disease management program specificity, and improved patient satisfaction through the targeted programs directed at specific patient populations.

The gold standard of inpatient reimbursement continues to be the DRG system. As much as payers have attempted to keep up with the practice of today’s ever changing therapeutic choices we are left with managing patients by package priced clinical intervention. Futrix Health can better predict the cost of hospitalization but also allow providers to look beyond and find clinical data in the associated outpatient, physician office, rehab and pharmaceutical patient experience.

Managing the Pharmaceutical expenditures for a health plan today is a monumental task. There is no debate around the fact that the rising cost of medical management has created great opportunity for better patient care. Today’s Pharmaceuticals offer great advantages but assuring the they are delivered in a cost effective safe environment is paramount. Due to the ability of Futrix Health to tie together multiple data sources, providers can truly evaluate if drugs are delivering on the promises they proclaim.

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